3 things to remember when translating your marketing materials

With the amount of time, capital and resources you have spent in establishing your business you know how important it is to maintain the same level of reputation when you are marketing your products in a different market. Translation errors can prove to be a stumbling block in your effort to enter the global market. If you do not want your next global project to be an ultimate translation fail then here are top three commandments for you:

  1. No doubt free online translating tools can be luring but they are not reliable for translating your important business documents. Using such tools might save you time and money in the short run but will end up costing you big bucks in the long run.
  2. Hire a translator who is not only well versed in the target language but is also familiar with the culture and lifestyle if the target market. A phrase that works well in the source language may sound totally absurd and meaningless in the target language. A person who is familiar with the culture of the new market will ensure that any offensive message is avoided.
  3. Your translator should have a clear understanding of your business, your brand message and its audience. Make sure you choose someone who is capable of translating your business name, product name and slogans in the appropriate manner without sounding outrageous.

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