3 Things to Do Before Translating your Ecommerce Website

Businesses can find it pretty scary to go global when it comes to translating the plethora of marketing materials especially their website.  However the obvious truth is by translating your website into multiple languages you can increase your online sales tremendously and encourage your customers to trust your brand. Here are three things that you must do before you start translating your company website to ensure a smooth and seamless process later:

  1. Before you start translating your e-commerce website make sure you determine the best KPIs for your business. These can include things like what are the objectives that you want to achieve and how translation is going to help you achieve those.
  2. Create a global content strategy. Remember, you don’t have to translate each and every thing in your website. Find out what are the best selling products in your target market and start with translating them first. The best way is to prioritise content first and then go with translation.
  3. Create a style guide and a glossary for your business’s translation projects. This will not only ensure high quality of translated documents but also make them more accurate and consistent. This will make it easier for the translation agency to complete the project on time and ensure that it matches the required standards.

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