3 Subtitle Translation Tips for Businesses

Businesses that are planning to enter a market that speaks a different language should ensure that their marketing materials are properly translated in the native language of the target audience. Customers trust a brand easily if they are communicating with them in their language. Video translation is an important part of translating your marketing collaterals. Subtitles can make your videos reach more audience. Here are top three tips for an effective subtitling:

  1. When creating subtitles, make sure that you are not using too many characters in a single line. The subtitles should be precise and accurate so that the viewers find it easy to read the text and understand the same without any hindrance.
  2. An important thing to keep in mind while creating subtitles is the time code for each frame. As mentioned earlier, avoid using too many characters. The challenge is to align the video with the subtitles while considering the average time that the viewer takes to read the entire content.
  3. Make sure there is proper division of lines in the subtitles so that the viewers can read the subtitles easily while watching the video. In the absence of proper division of lines the subtitles will appear like a bunch of jumbled sentences thus confusing the viewers.

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