3 Reasons Why Human Translations are Preferred Over Machine Translations

With the availability and easy access to a plethora of online translation applications it has become easier to translate documents fast and at low prices. However, there are several instances where these machine translations can fall short and fail to offer the kind of expertise that human translations can provide. Here are three reasons why human translations are advantageous over machine translations:

  1. Since machine translations are designed to translate only what is programmed into its memory they fail to translate the idioms, puns, humour and other figures of speech present in a document. On the other hand, human translation will adjust the flow of the translated text to the style and tone of the original document making it appear like it was originally written in the target language.
  2. Translating a technical or legal document can be a challenge sometimes. Translators who have expertise in the subject matter and relevant experience can ensure that the right terminologies are used and the subject specific details are incorporated.
  3. Human translators can understand the cultural references in the text and identify in which context it has been used. They can then translate it accordingly in the target language without making any offensive or inappropriate references in a different language and culture.

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