3 Tips to Get your Spanish Translations Right

The biggest challenge that comes with Spanish translations is that the language is not the same for every Spanish speaking region. You will find huge regional differences and variations. Since the document you are translating can be a representation of your band it is important that you get every part of it correct. Here are a few tips to ensure that your Spanish translations are accurate, precise and consistent:

  1. Rather than translating transcreate the text for your target audience. Just like your source document, your translated copy should attract the readers with clever wordplay, use of cultural references that your Hispanic audience clearly understand and use of puns and humour elements.
  2. Spanish language has several regional differences. Creating a glossary of important terms and phrases will help your translator. Identify what needs to be added into the glossary with their translations. Offer your translators, style guides and other resources that will help them understand your business and translate accordingly.
  3. Choose translators who are native Spanish speakers and are familiar with the different dialects in Spanish. They should have a clear understanding of the language, its nuances and intricacies. Moreover, the translators should be familiar with the Hispanic culture and should be able to handle cultural references, wordplays and slangs.

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