3 Most Common Misconceptions about Translations

The world of translation can be very complicated, especially for those who manage all their translation projects in-house without the help of any professional translation service. The absence of the right skill and adequate experience ends up in translators adopting a blunderbuss approach. Here are 3 most important things that in-house translators should know about the art of translation:

  1. If you think that someone who can understand two languages can be a translator, you can be wrong. Translation is far more difficult than what you might have thought of. Translation not only involves deep understanding of the source language but also the ability to put it into another language with artful precision. Translation is about both accuracy and style and no translation can be successful in the absence of any one.
  2. A common mistake people tend to make in translations is having the belief that since they know two languages they can translate in either ways. Even if you are bilingual, it is always recommended to translate into your native language rather than translating into your second language from your native language. This is because no matter how adept you are at translating in the other language you cannot have the same level of perfection and accuracy that you will have in translating into your native language.
  3. A word to word translation is hardly an answer to your translation needs. Translating verbatim may not help in all the cases, especially in those cases where the source document is packed with colloquial and cultural references, idioms and proverbs and terminologies specific to a particular region or area of work.

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