Translation Tips for Marketing Professionals

Translating a marketing copy is not just about translating the content in the source document but also about transferring the style and tone of the original document while keeping the essence of the document intact. In other words, the message that the document delivers should not get lost in translation and at the same time the target audience can find it easier to connect to your brand. Here are a few translation tips for those in the marketing translation industry:

  1. English is the most common language for communication for businesses in the international market. Evaluate your marketing terms and product names and decide what you would like to keep in English and what you would like to translate. Your translation agency can help you deal with this issue.
  2. Evaluate your source document from the point of view of an international reader. If you find content that focuses on regional colloquialism, cultural references, puns or terminology and phraseology specific to a particular region, get rid of the content to make translation easier.
  3. Your translated document should have simple and clear sentences in active voice. Keep the sentences short and ensure there is no ambiguity. Remember, certain words or phrases might sound obvious to you but it can appear vague and obsolete for a reader in some other country.

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