Website Translation

A business that sells its products and services in a global market but fails to communicate with the target audience in their own language will fall short when it comes to attracting new consumers. Businesses that are going global need to ensure that their audience can browse their websites and other resources in a language that they understand and are able to connect with them personally and build trust.

Difference between website translation and other forms of translation

Website translation is not just about translating verbatim in the native language of your audience, but more about connecting culturally with them.

To translate a website is not just about translating words, but includes identifying numerous website localization issues that might not be identifiable even by professional translators who are not culturally connected to a certain language.

One should undertake a collaborative approach with web specialists for the technical localization of a website in tandem with its translation. Translators should ensure that the localized website fully reflects the original language version.

Benefits of Website Translation

Localizing your website gives your customers confidence in your business and we can assist you in that process.

People feel much more comfortable communicating in their native language. Thus developing a multilingual website is a highly efficient and a very cost effective way to reach new markets and leave an impression similar to what a localized business would give. This helps in bridging the communication gap between the business website and its users.

Our approach to website translation

We follow a functional approach towards the process of website translation. The functional approach of website translation emphasizes on the functional usage and appropriateness of the translated website text. By combining the purpose of a particular web page with the knowledge of our expert translators, 100% accurate translations of the source web pages are prepared in whichever languages the client wants. To ensure perfect localized website translations we use only the most experienced native translation experts. The translators specifically keep in context the communicative situation and the context of use of the target text.

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