Localisation for business

Localisation is a process that requires an appreciation of the value of linguistic and translation skills and the crucial role that use of language  plays in defining style, culture, local beliefs, values, heritage and the sense of humour of target audiences.

Beyond the literal translation of words from one language to another, applying an appropriate style that conveys a message into another language with maximum impact and without detracting from the original tone, context or meaning could be a key detail crucial to the success or failure of an international venture.

Rather than transmitting an unsophisticated homogenised message, a carefully implemented localisation considers the style expectations of each target market and uses language that is carefully crafted to evoke an equally positive emotional response among foreign language speakers as already established in the original work.

Our native speaking language consultants bring an in depth knowledge of the target culture or country and contribute positively to your effort build a bridge to your new customers and our international translation teams have the talent and knowledge required to be able to reach out and engage the attention of new  audiences.

A consulting process involving careful and considered assessment of  your objectives and an insightful analysis of target market conditions and culture enables us to add refinement to your international strategies contributing the edge you need to establish a position in new and often challenging emerging markets.

By teaming up your creative team with our linguistic expertise, you can maximise on the opportunity offered by engaging fully with a growing segment of increasingly wealthy, well educated, well informed and sophisticated international consumers in their preferred language.

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