Japanese to English Translation Tips

Want to translate a document from Japanese to English? The last thing you will want is to make your translation read like a translation. Both the languages are so different that when translating from Japanese to English, certain blunders are bound to happen. Find out if you are making these mistakes in your Japanese translations and make sure you avoid them the next time.

Word-to-word translation: Translators often feel that they have to translate verbatim every word in the copy. You do not need to carry every word in the text subsequently into the target language. Japanese language largely makes the use of classifying endings. Translators, in a fear of leaving these words, often end up with bizarre sounding translations.

Order of alphabets & numbers: When you are translating for Japanese to English, the order in which alphabets and numbers appear in a text need to be reversed. Unlike Japanese, in English the numeral should come after the alphabet. This is one of the most common mistakes that amateur translators make while translating from Japanese to English.

Stay concise: Make sure you are as precise in your translation as possible. Something that can be said in two words should not be said in three words. Avoid repetition of the same thought or idea over and over again. Being succinct and concise is the secret to a quality translation.

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