How Multilingual Subtitling Services are Different from Translations?

Subtitling and translation may appear like two wheels of the same cart but there are significant differences between the two. Right from the format in which they are delivered to the specific skill sets required in the generation of subtitles, you cannot overlook these major dissimilarities:

  1. Unlike translation, subtitling requires time coding Time coding is an important part of subtitling services and therefore should be done by an experienced and trained professional. The subtitling expert will determine the start and end time for each frame in the footage with the use of professional subtitling software.
  2. For translation documents can be sent in common file formats like MS Word. You get the translated document in the same format in which you sent the original document. In case of subtitling the client sends the footage in the form of a CD, DVD or hard drive and the company will deliver subtitle file.
  3. After setting the in and out time and transcribing the content (with attention to the number of words and characters) it is time for the final translation followed by the proofreading. The file is then imported into the subtitling software and generated as a subtitling file.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading certified translation services in UK offering high quality translation and subtitling services. The company offers multilingual translation services in around 140 languages including French, German, Italian, Dutch, Arabic and Japanese. As a leading translation service provider, Certified Translation Services specialises in document translation, desktop publishing, website localisation, transcreation services, transcription, subtitling, interpreting and proofreading.

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