6 Best-Practices for Subtitling Companies

You have created a promotional video for your business and now you want to make it accessible to a different audience in a different country. How will you ensure that this is intelligible to the audience if they are unfamiliar with the language used in the video? The answer is by using subtitles. Here are some top subtitling tips that will help you create better videos:

  1. Make sure the in and out time of the subtitles synchronise with the audio and the frame on the screen. Take care of punctuations and do not forget to capitalise the words whenever required.
  2. Use ellipses to indicate pauses between subtitles. To denote the name of the speakers and avoid confusion make use of parenthesis or italics.
  3. Make sure you provide a proper explanation for every time the speech is inaudible or muffled.
  4. Translation verbatim will not work always. Understand the use of idioms, cultural references and contextual meanings before creating subtitles.
  5. However, it is recommended not to alter the quotes of public figures. Try to quote them verbatim even if it means the subtitles have to stay on the screen longer.
  6. Make sure that the number of lines per frame does not exceed more than two or it will start to bore the viewer and make the video abstruse.

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