3 Types of Documents that Need Certified Translation

A certified translation is one that assures the completeness and accuracy of the translation. Most often certified translations are provided by professional and reputable translation companies that have a significant experience of working in the industry and some of the best and highly skilled translators. Here are three types of documents that need a certified translation:

  1. Certified translations are necessary for legal documents such as those required for legal proceedings and hearings, affidavits, certificates, work permits, writs, declarations, summons etc. Most often documents that are meant to be submitted to the court or any other government body need certified translations.
  2. Immigration documents also need to be translated and certified. Right form passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate to work permit when you are visiting a foreign country either for work purpose or for a short stay you have to submit all your immigration documents in the official language of the particular country and certify them for official use.
  3. Academic documents like diplomas, degrees and transcripts may also require certified translation in the native language of the target country when applying for different courses in colleges and universities. You might be required to submit the original document along with a certified translation.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading professional translation services in London that offers document translation in around 100 languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Dutch translation services to name only a few. As a leading professional translation service, the company certifies the translated documents for official use in the UK and abroad.

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