3 Tips for the Perfectly Translated Copy

Professional translation is so much more than content verbatim and a regurgitation of information. Businesses that are planning to get their documents translated need to make sure that they are making the right approach for an effective and engaging translation. Here are three top tips that will help you break the language barrier and deliver the right message to your customers.

Say “No” to machine translation: Translation is not about entering the text into some software and getting a word to word translation of the source document. No doubt, machine translation seems easy, fast and cost-effective but it cannot match the level of quality and accuracy offered by human translations. The biggest disadvantage with machine translation is that no automatic software can understand the linguistic nuances and cultural references of your content no matter how effective they are.

Keep the fun: Make sure the translated document maintains the same style and tone as the original document. Be careful while translating figures of speech like metaphors, oxymoron, colloquial isms and puns. They will hardly make any sense if they are translated verbatim.

Hire a pro: Hire a professional language translation company to ensure that you get the best in quality and accuracy. The agency should have native language translators who are adept at both the source and the target language.

Certified Translation Services is a professional translation office in London specialising in all kinds of document translations including immigration documents, wills and testaments, birth certificates and work permits to name a few. The company is proficient in more than 100 languages and specialises in French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic and Japanese document translation services among a plethora of others.

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