3 Tips for Localising in the Chinese Market

Planning to expand your business to the Chinese market? The challenges of localising for the Chinese market are many. Translation alone is not the solution. You need a full-fledged localisation strategy that will help you enter a foreign market and reach your target audience. Here are 3 tips for an effective localisation strategy for the Chinese market:

  1. Before translating your documents make sure that you have clearly identified your target audience and you know how the translated content is going to be different from the source content. You should have a clear idea of the geographical areas you are targeting, the dialects spoken there and the culture of the particular areas.
  2. Forget about word to word translation and emphasize on translating the meaning of the content. Make sure that the translated copy delivers the same message to the target audience as it does to the audience in the source language.
  3. Chinese language is rich in proverbs and idioms. Marketers use them every now and then in their advertising campaigns to establish a better connect with the local audience. You can incorporate these quotes, idioms and proverbs in your ad copy to promote your own products and services.

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