3 Tips for Graduates for Finding the Right Translation Job

Like any other career option, becoming a translator needs practice, training and relevant experience. For those who have just got out of college and are looking for entry-level translation jobs, here are 3 tips that will help.

  1. Make sure you prepare an error-free resume for your entry in the translation industry. Make sure it is not the same CV that you use to get hired for other jobs. Keep it small, simple and centred around your linguistic and translation skills.
  2. Look for reputable translation agencies and send your resume to them. Makes sure you have conducted enough research about the company before you send your resume. You can also register with online job search sites and online databases at translator associations.
  3. Before joining any organisation, make sure you have enough knowledge about your expertise and specialisation area. If you specialise in medical translations, do not take up jobs that will ask you to translate for the legal field. Know your speciality areas and work on them.

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