3 Tips for Ecommerce Translators

Studies say that more than 85% of consumers prefer not to buy from a site that does not sell in their native language. If you are among one of those sites that fails to connect with their audience in their own language then you should consider hiring a professional translator who can translate your ecommerce website into the language of your target audience and give them an amazing buying experience. Here are three tips for ecommerce translators:

  1. Create localised top level domains (TLDs) for each country and language you are targeting. If your website will be transferred across several localised sites for a large audience coming from different cultural backgrounds then it is recommended to take idea from sites that are already optimised for audiences from multiple cultures.
  2. Hire professional human translators to translate your ecommerce website. Automated translation tools can give you an idea about the essence of the website but are not ideal if you want to convince your new audience buy products and services from you.
  3. The keywords you use should be well researched for the local searches and properly optimised for the search engines. Don’t translate the keywords that you researched for your source language to use in the localised version of the website. Rather conduct a separate keyword research for your target market.

Certified Translation Services is a premier translation service in London that offers multilingual translations for almost all industries. The translation company has a team of more than 10,000 translators and linguists who are well versed in over 100 languages including French, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese. The company specialises in document translation, desktop publishing, subtitling, website localisation and transcription services among a plethora of other services.

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