3 Tips for Creating a Multilingual Website

For businesses that are looking to expand their reach and improve their conversion rates nothing can be more gratifying than a multilingual website that is designed to suit their localised markets and entice their target audience. Here are three powerful tips that will make your multilingual website project a success and pays dividends:

  1. The positioning of text content and images play an important role in the usability of your website. While some countries read from left to right others read from right to left and there are some others that read from top to bottom. Take into account all these actors while translating your site for a different market.
  2. Colour is another factor that can play a relatively big role. Different colours hold different meanings to different audiences. A certain colour that represents love in a particular country can indicate lamenting in yet another. Therefore, be careful with the use of colours in the call to action buttons and other aspects of the website.
  3. A literal translation of a particular keyword that displays a specific number of search results in a particular language may not do the same in another language. As such, you might need to tweak the keyword slightly and make it create differences. The choice of keywords will largely depend on the user behaviour of the target market and a word to word translation of the keyword will be of little help.

Certified Translation Services offers multilingual translation services in over 100 global languages including Japanese, Bulgarian, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Polish and French among several others. The translation agency offers high quality document translation, website localisation, subtitling, multilingual voiceover and a plethora of other translation services.

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