3 Steps to an Effective Multilingual Voiceover

Voiceovers are an effective channel for businesses to communicate with their target audience in their own language. It is a medium to interact with your customers at a more personal level and connect with them in ways that is not always possible through communications in black and white. Here are three steps that lead to an effective voiceover translation:

  1. To start with, you need a transcribed script of the original audio. Transcribing the audio means converting the audio into a written format. Make sure that you get it done by a professional translator while keeping into account the time code and ensuring that no content is missed in the transcription.
  2. This should be followed by translating the transcribed script into the target language. Keep in mind that both the languages are different and there can be serious differences in the length of the content when you are translating from one language to another. Make sure that you allow some flexibility with the audio and video time.
  3. This done and approved you are ready to record the final voiceover. Make sure that you choose the right voice for the voiceover. Pay attention to the accent, tone and style of the original audio and try to incorporate the same in your voiceover.

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