3 Reasons to Choose Professional Translation Companies over Freelance Translators

Translation is how you can deliver your brand message to your target audience in a language that they understand and relate to. Hence, you will not want minute linguistic and cultural errors to spoil your brand image. This is the reason why businesses prefer hiring professional translation companies over freelance translators. Here are three reasons that make the former advantageous over the latter:

Areas of expertise: A freelance translator has most often one particular area of expertise like law, medical, finances or business. A translation company, on the other hand, has a pool of expert translators who have the experience of serving different niche areas.

Language specialisation: A freelancer has expertise in translating into and from one specific language. In a translation company there is a huge team of translators who are well versed in different languages and have significant experience of working with different languages and industries.

Reliability: With freelance translators you are dubious of the quality you will receive and you also have to go through a rigorous selection procedure to ensure you are picking the right person. This may require huge investment in time and resources. Working with a translation agency is easier because you do not have to spend additional time searching for the right translator and you also do not have the uncertainty of the quality of work.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading translation agencies in London that offers high quality translation of private and corporate documents in over 100 global languages. The translation company serves industries like media, medical, ecommerce, law, automotive as well as public sector. The premier translation company specialises in document translation, desktop publishing, website localisation, subtitling as well as multilingual copywriting services.

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