3 Challenges Faced in Technical Document Translation

What happens when you launch a product in a new market? You start with translating all your marketing collaterals in a language spoken in the target market. Translations concerning technical documents can be highly tricky and complex as it requires specialized knowledge and attention to details. This is what makes it different from translating all other documents. Find out what are some of the most common challenges faced in translation of technical documents:

  1. Subject matter expertise is extremely important in technical translations. The translator should have adequate technical knowledge and a fair understanding of the specialized documents. Translating technical documents also requires extensive knowledge of the technical terminologies and jargons.
  2. People believe that technical translations are plain and boring and not much emphasis is laid on the style and tone of the translated document. However, this is not true. A technical translation requires the document to be clear, simple and concise at the same time.
  3. Technical translations are also subjected to strict deadlines. Technical documents are mostly related to the launch of a new product or service or documents that are intended to deliver quick information to the readers about a particular product/service. Therefore, time constraint may be another problem that translators may face.

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