Spanish to English translation of words related to Hardware, Software, Internet, Email, Courtrooms and Police

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In this article we provide translations in both Spanish and English languages ​​of words related to Software , Internet , Email , Hardware , Law , and Police . We are a leading translation services provider in London, UK and provide high quality Spanish translation services .

We specialize in providing Spanish to English translation services, which includes the following types of translation services:

  1. Administrative translation
  2. Business & Commercial translation
  3. Clinical trials translation
  4. Computer & IT translation
  5. Economic & Financial translation
  6. Gist & Literal translations
  7. Immigration Translation
  8. Document translation
  9. Government translation
  10. Legal translations
  11. Literary translation
  12. Localized translation
  13. Manufacturing translation
  14. Marketing and PR Translation
  15. Medical translation
  16. Military and Defense Sectors Translation
  17. Official Translation
  18. Patent Translation Services
  19. Pharmaceutical Translation Services
  20. Technical translation
  21. Tender Translation Services
  22. User Manual and Employee Manual Translation
  23. Website translation

Spanish to English translation of words related to Information Technology and Computers

Spanish Language English Language
The computer) Computer
the software software
software, English translation of the-software
the floppy disk
the memory memory
the application application
the bytes bytes
the menu bar menubar
the toolbar (access) toolbar
the bottom wallpaper
the fluent font
the icon icon
the scroll bar scrollbar
window window
the file (the file) file
Folder folder
el trasurero (the trash can) trash
install install
save save
the program program
program, English translation of the-program
Internet & Email
Spanish Language English Language
The internet & email Internet & Email
the server server
port port
network network
the modem modem
the Navigator browser
surf browse
the website website
the email address email address
the inbox inbox
the email account email account
connect connect
the service provider service provider
online on-line
enter the system log on
go down download
the attached document attachment
Send send
to receive receive
look for search
Spanish Language English Language
Hardware Hardware
the printer printer
CPU, English translation of la-CPU
the monitor monitor
the screen screen
the scanner scanner
the horn (the speaker) speaker
The key key
keyboard keyboard
the mouse mouse
the laptop (the laptop) laptop
the ram RAM
the precessor processor
processor, English translation of el-precessador
the system system
the power cable power cable
the hard drive hard drive
the desk desktop
speach bubbles image
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