IT & telecommunications translation service

As companies try to expand their market and interact with their customers, they are more and more aware that consumers and customers all over the globe prefer to communicate in their own language. For businesses in the IT and telecommunication sectors translation is something that needs to be effectively carried out to convey new concepts and developments. Certified Translation Services makes sure that its translations maintain integrity and accuracy.

Our translation services include:

    • Technical documents
    • Manuals
    • Software applications
    • Contracts
    • Tenders
    • Any documentation related to IT or telecommunication sectors

Genuine, clear and precise

As long as humans speak different languages globally the need for translation will only grow. Certified Translation Services takes care of the specialised vocabulary, specific terminologies, jargon and abbreviations used in the IT and telecommunications industries when translating a document from one language to another so that the original message is kept intact while making it comprehensible to the target audience in your business, irrespective of whether they are sector specialists or complete novices.

Flawless translation for the target audience

At Certified Translation Services we make sure that our translated copy reflects the meaning of the original document. Our team of professional translator are experts in the technology sector, with extensive experience working in the translation industry. As a leading IT & telecommunicationstranslation company in London, we make sure all our technical documents are translated by specialist translators that live and work in the country the translated materials are intended for. We translate into more than 100 languages and offer a fast and reliable service that we believe is unparalleled.

Why choose us?

    • We have the required linguistic skills and technical expertise to translate technical documents.
    • We understand the language nuances while effectively conveying the message of the source document.
    • We believe in fast, accurate and effective translations.


We know what it takes for a successful translation project. If you want excellent IT or telecommunications translation at affordable prices, give us a call on +44 (0)20 3940 3255. You can also connect with us through email at can get an estimate of costs on our IT and telecommunication sectors translation services by simply completing our free quote form on our website.

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