French to English translation of useful phrases, numbers, weights and measures

There are many useful phrases and words which we use regularly. These include Essential phrasesSalutationsImportant signsHelp PhrasesDirectionsRoad signsAccomodation, and words such as NumbersRanksAreaDistanceLength, and Weights. In this article we provide the translated version of these words and phrases in both French and English languages. We are a leading translation services provider in London, UK and provide high quality French and English translation services.

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French to English translation of Useful Phrases

Essential phrases
French Language English Language
phrases utiles useful phrases
phrases essentielles essential phrases
Oui Yes
Non No
Peut-etre Maybe
S'il vous plait Please
Merci Thank you
thank-you, English translation of Merci
De rien You're welcome
Pardon Excuse me
Je suis desole I'm sorry
D'accord Ok
Tres bien That's fine
C'est juste That's correct
C'est faux That's wrong
French Language English Language
Salutations greetings
Bonjour Hello
Au revoir Goodbye
goodbye, English translation of Au-revoir
Bonjour Good morning
Bonsoir Good evening
Bonne nuit Good night
Comment allez-vous? How are you?
Je m'appelle… My name is…
Vous vous appelez comment? What is your name?
Je vous presente… May I introduce…
C'est… This is…
Enchante Pleased to meet you
A tout a l'heure See you later
Important Signs
French Language English Language
Panneaux signs
Office de tourisme Tourist information
Entrée Entrance
Sortie Exit
Sortie de secours Emergency exit
emergency-exit, English translation of Sortie-de-secours
Poussez Push
Danger Danger
En panne Out of order
Heures d'ouverture Opening times
Entrée gratuite Free admission
Soldes Sale
Frappez avant d'entrer Knock before entering
Defense de marcher sur la pelouse Keep off the grass
Defense de fumer No smoking
no-smoking, English translation of Defense-de-fumer
Assistance Phrases
French Language English Language
Assistance help
Pouvez-vous m'aider? Can you help me?
Je ne comprends pas I don't understand
Je ne sais pas I don't know
Vous partez anglais? Do you speak English?
Je parle anglais I speak English
Parlez moins vite, s'il vous plait Please speak more slowly
Ecrivez-le pour moi, s'il vous plait Please write it down for me
J'ai perdu… I have lost…
French Language English Language
Directions directions
Je me suis perdu I am lost
Ou est le/la…? Where is the…?
Ou est le/la…le/la plus proche? Where is the nearest…?
Ou sont les toilettes? Where are the restrooms?
Pour aller a…? How do I get to…?
A droite To the right
A gauche To the left
Tout droit Straight ahead
C'est loin…? How far is…?
Road signs
French Language English Language
Les panneaux routiers road signs
Toutes directions All directions
Prudence Caution
Ralentir Slow down
slow-down, English translation of Ralentir
Serrez a droite Keep right
Stationment interdit No parking
Passage interdit No through road
Virage dangereux Dangerous curve
French Language English Language
Logement accomodation
J'ai reserve une chambre I have a reservation
Le petit dejeuner est a quelle heure? What time is breakfast
Ou est la salle a manger? Where is the dining room?
Le numero de ma chambre est le… My room number is…
Je serai de retour a… heures I'll be back at…o'clock
Je pars demain I'm leaving tomorrow

French to English translation of Numbers

French Language English Language
les nombres numbers
zero zero
un one
deux two
trois three
quatre four
cinq five
six six
sept seven
huit eight
neuf nine
dix ten
onze eleven
douze twelve
treize thirteen
quatorze fourteen
quinze fifteen
seize sixteen
dix-sept seventeen
dix-huit eighteen
dix-neuf nineteen
vingt twenty
vingt et un twenty-one
vingt deux twenty-two
trente thirty
quarante forty
cinquante fifty
soixante sixty
soixante-dix seventy
quatre-vingts eighty
quatre-vingt-dix ninety
cent one hundred
cent dix one hundred and ten
deux cents two hundred
trois cents three hundred
quatre cents four hundred
cinq cents five hundred
six cents six hundred
sept cents seven hundred
huit cents eight hundred
neuf cents nine hundred
mille one thousand
dix mille ten thousand
vingt mille twenty thousand
cinquante mille fifty thousand
cinquante-cinq mille cinq cents fifty five thousand five hundred
cent mille one hundred thousand
un million one million
un milliard one billion
French Language English Language
le rang rank
premier first
deuxieme second
troisieme third
quatrieme fourth
cinquieme fifth
sixieme sixth
septieme seventh
huitieme eight
neuvieme ninth
dixieme tenth
onzieme eleventh
douzieme twelfth
treizieme thirteenth
quatorzieme fourteenth
quinzieme fifteenth
seizieme sixteenth
dix-septieme seventeenth
dix-huitieme eighteenth
dix-neuvieme nineteenth
vingtieme twentieth
vingt et unieme twenty first
vingt-deuxieme twenty second
vingt-troisieme twenty third
trentieme thirtieth
quarantieme fortieth
cinquantieme fiftieth
soixantieme sixtieth
soixante-dixieme seventieth
quatre-vingtieme eightieth
quatre-vingt-dixieme ninetieth
centieme one hundredth

French to English translation of Weights and Measures

French Language English Language
Les poids et mesures Weights and measures
la superficie area
le pied carre square foot
le metre carre square meter
la balance scale
French Language English Language
la distance distance
le kilometre kilometre
le mile mile
le metre metre
le yard yard
French Language English Language
la longueur length
le pied foot
le millimetre millimeter
le centimetre centimeter
le pouce inch
French Language English Language
peser weight
la livre pound
l'ounce ounce
le kilogramme kilogram
le gramme gram
la tonne tonne
le milligramme milligram
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