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We are a well reputed company and a renowned name in the translation industry. We provide expert translation services in the whole of United Kingdom. You can also use our quick online translation services for faster turnaround time.

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United Kingdom or Britain includes the island of Great Britain, the north eastern parts of the island of Ireland and many smaller islands. Though the United Kingdom consists of four countries which are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island, however Scotland, Wales and Northern Island, have developed their own administrations. The total population of United Kingdom is estimated at 65.1 million people and is considered a high income economy.

Being the fifth largest economy in the world, United Kingdom is considered as one of the most popular country for business expansion. Tourism, manufacturing, automotive industry, engine manufacturing, motorsport, aerospace, space, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, coal, petroleum and natural gas industries are considered the most important sectors of the United Kingdom economy. We provide specialized translation services for all these industries, through industry experts having years of translation experience.

Automotive Translation Services

We provide the following range of translation services for over 200+ languages:

Administrative translation

Administrative translation refers to the translation of documents which are specifically created for the purpose of administration or management of an organization. Such administrative documents can be created by a government, a not-for-profit organization or by a business organization. Administrative documents are often created by the management of business organizations for the purpose of performing their executive duties. A very strong knowledge of administrative language is a must for providing quality translation of administrative documents. Along with that proficiency of both the source and target languages is essentially important.

Business translation

Business Translation Services

We provide expert business translation services to and from all major languages of the world. Business documents have to be translated with great care and caution, as any mistake could lead to disastrous financial and reputational implications. Legal and business terminology which is used in almost every business document is highly unique in different countries. For example a simple business term in English language when literally translated to Chinese language could lead to significantly different meaning. Scientific terms in complex business fields such as biotechnology and biochemistry require more care while translating. Therefore it becomes essentially important for a business translator to have thorough knowledge of the target and source language terminology. Our specialized teams of business translators can translate any business documents such as legal documents, patent documents, depositions, contracts, application letters, birth certificates, strategy guides, marketing and advertising, financial statements and MD&As, annual and quarterly reports, annual information forms and information circulars, management reports on fund performance, 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, 8-Q reports, takeover bids, prospectuses, press releases, economic analyses, standard-setting activities digests, administrative procedures manuals, contracts, brochures and newsletters, training materials, HR documentation, governance documents for corporate directors and the like.

Certified Translation Services

We provide certified translation services that are fit for all official purposes. Certified translation services are often required for official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and educational certificates for official purposes. While in some countries certified translation refers to a translation completed by a sworn translator recognized by a government body. However in UK it refers to a self certified translation by a translator.

Clinical Trials Translation Services

Clinical Trials Translation Services

Clinical trials play an integral part in the development of new medicines and treatments. Pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and health care organizations might require clinical trial translation services while doing clinical research or drug manufacturing in another country or in a foreign language. Clinical trial translations might also be required during regulatory submission, review, production and manufacturing of medicines as well. Our team of clinical trial translator are experts in medical fields such as genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology and other medical fields as well. We provide clinical trial translation services in over 200 major languages of the world. Some of the common clinical trial documents we translate are Patient Information Leaflets, discharge reports, Informed Consent Forms, investigator’s brochures, Doctor and Patient Guides, pharma co-vigilance and serious adverse event (SAE) reports, Case Report Forms, investigational medicinal product dossiers, ethics committee and institutional review board (IRB) correspondence and opinions.

Our other specialized translation services includes:

    • Commercial translation
    • Computer translation
    • Creative translation
    • Digital translation
    • Document translation
    • Economic translation
    • Financial translation
    • General translation
    • Gist translation
    • Immigration Translation

Information Technology Translation Services

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