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Certified Translation Services has been successful in delivering quality translations for government bodies, national and international organisations, parliament and institutions in Europe. With strict quality procedures in place and with the use of the latest technology, we ensure accuracy, clarity and precision in all our documents - every time and in every language.

Public sector domains we serve:

    • Councils and local authorities
    • Education and cultural departments
    • Research and development
    • Information and technology
    • Judiciary
    • Healthcare
    • Transport and communication
    • Enterprise and industry

Helping you communicate with a wider community

At Certified Translation Services we have a team of professionals who are experts in law, politics, economics, education and a plethora of other public sector areas. They have in-depth knowledge and understanding of government and administrative systems and are familiar with judicial procedures that are difficult for the layman to grasp. What sets us apart from other translation agencies is our attention to cultural and linguistic detail in translations.

Why choose us?

    • Translations that are clear, accurate and engaging
    • Translating in more than 100 languages
    • Specialist translators to handle each project
    • Fast, reliable and cost-effective
    • Translated and certified for official use

Solving the language challenges in government bodies

Our results speak for us. By providing quality translations of official documents, legal papers, records, reports and certificates, we help organisations and institutions to connect with the audience and vice versa. This is the reason why many government departments and public sector organisations have trusted us over the years for outstanding translations at excellent rates. We have a history of dealing with documents and translating them for different ethnic, religious and cultural groups.

Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland

Awarded the European titles of City of Culture (1990), City of Architecture and Design (1999) and Capital of Sport (2003), Glasgow grew from a small rural settlement on the River Clyde to become the largest seaport in Scotland. Once the mighty powerhouse of industrial Britain, Glasgow is now a centre for commerce, tourism and culture. The main industries in the city include shipbuilding, engineering, construction, brewing and distilling, printing and publishing, chemicals, textiles, software development and biotechnology. Glasgow is also a great shopping destination.

Looking forward to hearing from you

We are available any time at +44 (0)20 3940 3255, or email us at Want an estimate for our translation services? Our free quote form is here to help you. Complete and submit the form on our website and get instant quotes for our services.

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