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With globalisation has come an array of possibilities for businesses in the media and entertainment industry. Our language and translation services open up a box of opportunities for those businesses that are looking to make the most from these possibilities. Certified Translation Services, with its wealth of experience and cutting-edge solutions, has helped several media and entertainment companies establish their reputation in the industry.

Our translation services include:

    • Subtitles and closed captions
    • Voice-overs
    • Marketing collateral
    • Press releases
    • Brochures
    • Video dubbing
    • Presentations
    • Websites

Connect and communicate with a global audience

Whether it is about surfing the internet to watch videos, engaging with social media or finding content that can solve their problems, consumers today are looking for information - in their own language. Therefore for businesses that want to make a global presence it is of extreme importance that they keep on delivering high-quality content consistently and across multiple languages.

We are here to help you

    • We are proficient in translating in more than 100 languages
    • Excellent team of in-house linguists, translators and voice artists to ensure the highest standard
    • We understand the cultural sensitivity of each piece of content
    • Extensive knowledge of language nuances, regional dialects and accents
    • A cost-effective way to transmit the message and voice of your brand in multiple languages

All solutions under one roof

With us you can rest assured that all your language and translation needs are handled by some of the most skilled professionals in the industry. You can confide in us for flawless adapted versions of content in the media and entertainment sector. We make sure the creative intent of the copy is safeguarded while ensuring the accuracy of the cultural references in such a way that the target audience understands and relates to the context.

Birmingham, the first manufacturing town in the world

From being home to many important innovations such as the Watt Engine that have laid the foundations of modern industrial society to being praised as "the first manufacturing town in the world", Birmingham is one of the major cities and metropolitan boroughs in the United Kingdom. What made Birmingham's economic history so unique was the large number of small workshops that practiced a wide range of highly skilled trades. This concept encouraged exceptional levels of creativity and innovation. Today Birmingham's economy is largely based on the service sector and Birmingham is also regarded as a major international commercial centre.

We are always happy to assist you

For us, translations are about making you ready for the global market. Want to get started in media and entertainment translations? Give us a call at +44 (0)20 3940 3255 and we will be pleased to hear from you. Or contact us now through email and we will make sure you get a fast response. You can email us at Our free quote form lets you get estimates for our services online within minutes.

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