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At Certified Translation Services, we facilitate communication with the verbal rendition of languages for meetings, conferences, court hearings, film shoots and many other scenarios anywhere in the world. We have a highly qualified team of translators and interpreters who are capable of interpreting into and from more than 100 languages.

We help you communicate in any language with our professional and highly efficient interpreting services and help you make a difference. As a leading interpreting service provider, based in London, we are proficient in a myriad of global languages including French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese Portuguese and Italian, to name but just a few.

    • Conference interpreting
    • Simultaneous interpreting
    • Consecutive interpreting
    • Court interpreting
    • Business meeting interpreting
    • Media & film interpreting

Helping your business grow and engage

With our quality conference interpreting service in the UK, we assure you that your global meetings and conferences will be a success. Our team of interpreters are sourced according to your requirements in any city and at very short notice. For services such as simultaneous interpreting that require specialised equipment, we provide the entire set-up, including the interpreting booths, microphones, consoles and other devices.

How are we better than the rest?

    • Serving thousands of multinationals, organisations and businesses
    • Exceptional linguistic skills and professionalism
    • Highly trained professionals with subject-matter expertise
    • Specialisation in more than 100 languages
    • Supply of high-quality interpreting equipment

Birmingham, the first manufacturing town in the world

From being home to many important innovations such as the Watt Engine that have laid the foundations of modern industrial society to being praised as "the first manufacturing town in the world", Birmingham is one of the major cities and metropolitan boroughs in the United Kingdom. What made Birmingham's economic history so unique was the large number of small workshops that practiced a wide range of highly skilled trades. This concept encouraged exceptional levels of creativity and innovation. Today Birmingham's economy is largely based on the service sector and Birmingham is also regarded as a major international commercial centre.

We are here to help

Certified Translation Services is your ultimate destination for premier translation and interpreting services. Find out more about our unparalleled services by giving us a call on +44 (0)20 3940 3255 or email us at

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