What is Transcreation and Why You Need it?

When you are transcreating a piece of content into another language you are adapting a message into a different language in such a way that its relevance, style and tone remain the same. Transcreation is creative translation and the process of recreating the essence of a message into another language in such a way that the new audience can find a connection with the content. Here are three things that make transcreation different from translation:

  1. Those who offer transcreation services are mostly copywriters in the target language and not just translators. These are two different services and require different skill sets. It is not always necessary that the people who provide translation will be adept at transcreating as well.
  2. Providing the source document to the translator is not enough when it is about transcreation. You have to make sure that your transcreator gets a creative brief of what you are looking for in the copy. Make sure they get a clear understanding of the creative concept and ideas you want in the copy.
  3. In transcreation, the content that was written for a particular audience will not resonate with another group of audience. The end product of translation is a new message that is highly targeted and localised while in translation the message remains the same although in a different language.

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