Transcription and its Different Types

Transcription is the conversion of audio files into the written format. While some transcriptions are only word-to word translation of audio files, others are done in such a way that the written copy becomes simple, crisp and easier to understand. When you want to convert an audio or video file (in a particular language) into the written format (in some other language) there are three different ways in which you can get it done:

  1. Verbatim transcription: Verbatim transcription is the most difficult and time-taking transcription procedure. In this you have to ensure that each and every word, phase, emotion and noise is put as it is in the written form. In other words, the verbatim transcription should be an exact copy of the audio file.
  2. Edited transcription: In this, the audio is first transcribed as it is and then it is re-written to make it appear more concise and eloquent. The copy is free of all fillers, background noise, mumbling and garbling. Grammatical errors are also corrected and the content is restructured for more clarity.
  3. Intelligent transcription: This is the most sought-after transcription format. In this all background noise, redundant and repetitive words, slangs and words that don’t add any value to the content are removed and the copy appears more professional at the end of the transcription.

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