Transcreation: Everything you need to Know

Getting a text transcreated is getting it recreated for a different culture and for a different target audience. It goes beyond word-to-word translation in another language. When you transcreate a piece of content, you are adapting it in every sense for a different audience with a different cultural background and a different language right from the style, tone and images to emotions. Here is everything that you need to know about transcreating content:

What are the skills of a transcreator? For transcreating a document, the translator should have adequate knowledge about the original and the target languages. They should also be familiar with the culture of both the countries. This will help them to understand and translate puns, humour, metaphors and idioms without destroying the message behind them.

Which documents need transcreation? Transcreation is mostly done for marketing documents and advertising copies. This can include your website, brochures, advertisements and commercials as well as flyers and posters.

How do you choose the right transcreator? As a layman it can be difficult for you to analyse transcreations done in languages that you are not familiar with. A good translator will provide you a translation verbatim of the transcreated document ion your native language. Moreover, they will also offer cultural advice whenever needed to ensure that the specific translation aligns with the target audience.

Certified Translation Services is a reputed translation company in London that offers translation of documents in over 100 languages. Some of these languages are French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, German, Spanish and Chinese. The translation company specialises in document translation, desktop publishing, subtitling, voiceover, multilingual copywriting, interpreting and transcription services to name only a few.

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