Spanish Legal Translation Experts (includes Spanish to English translation of some common terms used in Law)

We translate all specialisms of law, including, but not limited to, insurance law, employment law, civil law, criminal law and commercial law. We translate contracts, articles of association, case bundles, witness statements and all other related texts. Our team of Spanish legal experts, who have been working in this field for years, carry out a thorough and scrupulous process to ensure accuracy in providing exactly what you require.

Spanish Legal Translation

Clarity and precision is of utmost importance when translating legal documents as a trivial mistake can lead to major consequences. We understand the importance of accuracy and the sensitive nature required when translating any documents for use in legal disputes, litigation, criminal proceedings and arbitration.

About the Spanish Language

Spanish along with Portuguese, Catalan and Galician, belong to Iberian Romance family of languages. The common feature which all these languages share is that they were developed on the Iberian Peninsula. Spanish is a widely spoken language and is the second most spoken native language of the world. Latin is a large contributor of modern Spanish vocabulary. Other languages that too have contributed to the Spanish vocabulary are French, Italian, Occitan and Sardinian. Spanish is also commonly known as Espanol and Castellano.

Below are Spanish to English translations of some common terms used in Law.

Spanish Language English Language
El derecho Law
el testigo witness
el juez judge
el abogado lawyer
el jurado jury
la tribuna del jurado jury box
la sala del tribunal courtroom
la acusacion prosecution
el auditor court official
el acusado defendant
la defensa defense
el celador (el funcionario de prisiones) prison guard
el sospechoso suspect
el criminal criminal
el retrato hablado (el retrato robot) facial composite
los antecedentes criminal record
la celda cell
el bufete lawyer’s office
la citacion summons
la orden judicial writ
el juicio court case
la asesoria juridica legal advice
la declaracion statement
la fecha del juicio court date
el cargo charge
el cliente client
la orden judicial warrant
como se declara el acusado plea
el acusado accused
lel veredicto verdict
inocente innocent
la carcel prison
culpable guilty
absuelto acquitted
la fianza bail
la sentencia sentence
la evidencia (la prueba) evidence
la apelacion appeal
la libertad condicional parole
Quiero ver a un abogado I want to see a lawyer.
Donde esta el juzgado? Where is the courthouse?
Puedo pagar la fianza? Can I post bail?
la policia Police
la placa badge
el uniforme uniform
la pistola gun
la macana (la porra) nightstick
las esposas handcuffs
el policia (el agente de policia) police officer
la patrulla (el coche de policia) police car
la sirena siren
las luces lights
la estacion de policia police station
el inspector captain
el robo burglary
le denuncia complaint
el arresto arrest
el detective detective
la agresion assault
la investigacion investigation
la celda lockup
el crimen crime
huella digital (dactilar) fingerprint
el sospechoso suspect
el cargo charge
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