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Hungarian is spoken by over 16 million people worldwide. Approximately 10.5 million Hungarian speaking population lives in Hungary and another 3.5 million are minorities living in neighbouring states of Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Austria and Ukraine. Remaining 2 million Hungarian speaking population lives in different regions of the world.

Hungarian belongs to the Finno-Ugrian family of languages. It is closely related to Finnish, Estonian and some more languages spoken in northern parts of former Soviet Union. This makes it lot different from other European languages, which mostly belong to the Indo-European family of langauges. Unlike English, Hungarian is a phonetic langauges, which means the words are pronounced as they are written. Words in Hungarian language can have one or more endings. For example, etterem (restaurant) becomes az etteremben (in the restaurant).

We provide high quality, 100% accurate translation services from Hungarian to other languages and from other languages into Hungarian, at very affordable rates. Languages for which we provide Hungarian translation services includes all major languages such as ArabicChinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Urdu and a number of other languages as well. Our special team of Hungarian translators consists of native speaking Hungarian translation experts, who specialize in various industries and have years of experience providing translation services.

Short vowels in Hungarian might have one or two dots above them, where as the long vowels have one or two acute accents. Consonants in Hungarian can also be either short or long. Both the long vowels and the long consonants are pronounced about twice as long as there short counterparts. In Hungary surnames of person come first. Generally elderly women are called neni (aunt) and elder men are called bacsi (uncle). Verbs in Hungarian are conjugated.

Few cardinal numbers in Hungarian are nulla (zero), egy (one), hat (six), nyolc (eight), kilenc (nine), tiz (ten), husz (twenty), harminc (thirty), negyven (forty), hatvan (sixty), hetven (seventy), nyolcvan (eighty), kilencven (ninety), ezer (thousand) and tizezer (ten thousand).

We provide a wide range of Hungarian translation services, which includes:

Hungarian Certified Translation

We provide premium Hungarian certified translation services at affordable rates, by top Hungarian translators you can count on. If a document which is required for official purposes was originally written in the Hungarian language, it should be accompanied by a certified translation of such document. In UK official target languages for certified translations is either English or Hungarian. Different certifications are available for documents depending on the intended usage of these documents. Documents that commonly require certified translation includes death certificates, voter registration forms, marriage certificates, criminal records, crime reports, employment certificates, references, contracts, grades, qualifications, judgments, decisions, verdicts, etc.

Hungarian Desktop Publishing

We provide expert Hungarian desktop publishing services for translation projects from Hungarian to other languages and from other languages to Hungarian as well. At Certified Translation Services we have the experience and expertise to produce professional Hungarian documents having the same electronic layout, design and format, as of the original document. We specialize in desktop publishing for all major formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Pages for MAC and Corel Draw.

Hungarian Document Translation

We provide Hungarian document translation services. We have highly skilled teams of experienced Hungarian translators. We translate all types of paper and electronic documents from Hungarian into other languages and from other languages to Hungarian as well. Our Hungarian translators are categorized into specialized teams based on specific fields such as Automotive, Business, E-Commerce, Engineering, IT & Telecommunications, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Medical, Public Sector, Oil, Gas & Energy. These specialized teams undertake translation projects according to their expertise. This allows us to deliver high quality Hungarian document translations with fast turnaround and at highly competitive rates.

Hungarian Copywriting services

Before expanding to a new Hungarian speaking market, you should ensure that your messages are properly communicated to the new audience. At Certified Translation Services we provide high quality Hungarian copywriting services for a wide range of documents such as Business reports, Manuals, Websites, Product descriptions, Marketing materials, Brochures, Press releases, Emails, newsletters, etc. You can be assured that we will deliver perfect localized translations that are fit for the target market. We provide copywriting services from other languages to Hungarian and from Hungarian to other languages as well.

Hungarian Website Localization

At Certified Translation Services we provide premium Hungarian website translation services by top Hungarian translators you can count on. If you are an international company, an export-oriented company, an international organization or a web author who is targeting international readers, your website is the easiest method to reach out to this international audience. However if your target audience speaks Hungarian, you definitely need to communicate with them in the language they prefer. You need to keep your customers engaged in the language they speak and connect with. To ensure a perfect localized website or web application, we will use the most experienced team of native speaking Hungarian translators for your project.

Hungarian Interpreting services

Interpreting is a highly skilled form of translation service, which requires professional interpreters that have years of knowledge and hands on experience in handling the toughest interpretation projects. We provide high quality Hungarian interpreting services such as Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, Whispered Interpreting, Conference Interpreting, Business Meeting Interpreting, Court Interpreting, Media & film interpreting, Telephone Interpreting and Community Interpreting. For services like Hungarian simultaneous interpreting that require specialized equipment, we provide the entire set-up, including the interpreting booths, microphones, consoles and other devices.

Hungarian Multilingual SEO & PPC

Hungarian Multilingual Social Media

Hungarian Multilingual Voiceover

Hungarian Subtitling Services

Hungarian Technical Translation

Hungarian Transcreation

Hungarian Transcription

Our Hungarian translation experts specialize in specific industries such as:

Hungarian Automotive Translation

Hungarian Business Translation

Hungarian E-Commerce Translation

Hungarian Engineering Translation

Hungarian IT & Telecommunications Translation

Hungarian Legal Translation

Hungarian Manufacturing Translation

Hungarian Marketing Translation

Hungarian Media & Entertainment Translation

Hungarian Medical Translation

Hungarian Public Sector Translation

Hungarian Oil, Gas & Energy Translation

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Here are some more Hungarian translations of different words.

English Language Hungarian Language
above felett
according to szerint
because mert
almost majdnem
apple alma
Alma Hungarian translation of Apple
always mindig
big nagy
black fekete
boring unalmas
breakfast reggeli
brown barna
busy elfoglalt
bacon szalonna
Szalonna Hungarian translation of Bacon
bad rossz
delicious finom
chicken csirke
cinema mozi
clean tiszta
clever okos
cat macska
Macska Hungarian translation of Cat
clothes ruha
cold hideg
east kelet
fresh friss
gate kapu
everybody mindenki
exciting izgalmas
father apa
favourite kedvenc
dress ruha
Ruha Hungarian translation of Dress
great nagy
ham sonka
hardly alig
forbidden tilos
kind kedves
home haza
hot meleg
lazy lusta
left bal
important fontos
loud hangos
office iroda
Iroda Hungarian translation of Office
often gyakran
original eredeti
mother anya
music zene
pencil ceruza
Ceruza Hungarian translation of Pencil
polite udvarias
possible lehet
rich gazdag
speach bubbles image
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