How to Translate your Technical Documents?

Expanding your business to the global market is not possible if you have not hired a translation company to translate your important business documents. Right from manuals, instruction booklets and data sheets to help documentations, your technical documents need to be translated by a professional translator. Have a look at four tips that will help you get through the process of technical translation without much fuss:

  1. An important thing to remember in language translation is that you cannot express the same idea in two different languages using the same number of words. Especially when translating technical documents take into consideration the length of the document and adjust the layout accordingly. This may mean adding or remove pages to perfectly accommodate the text in the layout.
  2. The source document will play an important role in determining the quality of the translated content. Review the source document before ending it to the translator. The sentences should be short and simple and should not have too much of technical jargons. Another thing you can do is provide your translators style guides and glossaries to keep the terminology and style consistent throughout the translation.
  3. Translation resources like computer assisted translation tools (CAT) tools can be effective in speeding up the translation process and saving big bucks. Technical documents usually have large segments of content that are repetitive. CAT tool software and translation memory allow you to make use of automation and save time and cost.
  4. Before hiring a translation company to translate your technical documents make sure you have done enough research on them. It is recommended to have them translate a few samples of your document to test their quality.

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