How to Choose a Company to Translate your Legal Documents?

Legal documents are one of the many documents that call for precision, consistency and accuracy in translations. Legal terms and terminologies, phraseology and legal procedures are something that not all translators are familiar with. Therefore how do you ensure that you are choosing the right person to translate your important legal documents? Here are three most important things that you should look for in a legal translator before hiring them for your project:

Quality check: Don’t forget to get your translated legal document proofread by an expert. The proof reader should be a native speaker of the target language. Most of the translation companies offer proofreading by expert linguists as a part of their translation service. In case, your agency does not offer proofreading services make sure you get it done from elsewhere.

Use of legal references: Make sure the translation agency you choose religiously follows a legal dictionary. Before you hire the agency for translating your critical documents enquire them about the legal reference materials they use to translate important legal documents.

Avoiding translation verbatim: A good legal translator will make sure that they understand everything about the document they are going to translate before starting the translation process. Moreover, they know that legal translations cannot work on translation verbatim and doing so can result in poor translations.

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