How to Avoid Poor Translations?

A high quality, accurate and precise translation needs so much more than language skills alone. A good translator knows how to convey the message in the source document without tampering the context of the content. But finding a good translator can be difficult. Here are three things that every individual/business looking for quality translations should keep in mind:

Specialists with remarkable industry experience: Remember, a degree in translation alone is not enough to ensure that the company can offer you an error-free and high quality translation. The company should have industry specific knowledge and relevant experience to guarantee accuracy and consistency throughout the translation process.

Familiar with both target and source language: Choose a company that employs translators who are well versed in the native languages of countries you are targeting. The experts should not only be proficient in the language document but should also have adequate knowledge about the language of the source document to assure quality and accuracy.

Third-part quality check: Poor translations can lead to discrepancies and errors that go unnoticed even during quality control procedures. You can use the quality control procedures offered by a third party to make sure that all flaws and gaffes are identified and corrected immediately.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading online translation services based in London UK. The company offers translation in 100 global languages including French, Arabic, Japanese and Dutch. The translation agency specialises in desktop publishing services, subtitling, multilingual voiceover, website localisation, technical and legal translation services in UK.

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