Food Label Translation

Translation of food and related sciences need highly experienced translators who understand the food terminology and the food industry very well. As quality control, environment and ethical considerations play an important during production and distribution in the food and related industries, it is important to team up with only the best translators.

Non compliance in matters related to food, health and safety information will not just lead to severe penalties, but can have a severe detrimental impact on the global reputation of a brand as well.

Our professional teams of food translators have in depth knowledge of the food sector. With years of experience they have gathered the necessary skill to deliver not just fast and accurate food translations, but translations that also appeal to the target audience.

Below are translation of common food related words in 5 most popular global languages German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

German Language English Language
die Nahrungsmittel Food
das Fleisch Meat
das Lamm lamb
der Metzger butcher
der Fleischerhaken meat hook
der Messerschärfer knife sharpener
die Waage scales
der Speck bacon
die Würstchen sausages
die Leber liver
das Schweinefleisch pork
das Wild venison
das gekochte Fleisch cooked meat
das Rindfleisch beef
das Kaninchen rabbit
geräuchert smoked
biologisch kontrolliert organic
das weiße Fleisch white meat
das Kalbfleisch veal
die Zunge tongue
gepökelt cured
das magere Fleisch lean meat
das rote Fleisch red meat


Italian Language English Language
il cibo Food
la carne Meat
l’agnello lamb
il macellaio butcher
il gancio meat hook
l’affilacoltelli knife sharpener
la bilancia scales
la pancetta bacon
le salsicce sausages
il fegato liver
il maiale pork
il cervo venison
la carne cotta cooked meat
il manzo beef
il coniglio rabbit
affumicato smoked
biologico organic
la carne bianca white meat
il vitello veal
la lingua tongue
trattato cured
la carne magra lean meat
la carne rossa red meat


French Language English Language
la nourriture Food
la viande Meat
l’agneau lamb
le boucher butcher
l’allonge meat hook
le fusil knife sharpener
la balance scales
le bacon bacon
les saucisses sausages
le foie liver
le porc pork
la venaison venison
la viande cuite cooked meat
le boeuf beef
le lapin rabbit
fume smoked
naturel organic
la viande blanche white meat
le veau veal
la langue de boeuf tongue
sale cured
la viande maigre lean meat
la viande rouge red meat


Portuguese Language English Language
Os Alimentos Food
a carne Meat
a carne de borrego lamb
o talhante butcher
hak rzeznicki meat hook
o afiador de facas knife sharpener
a balanca scales
o bacon bacon
as salsichas sausages
o figado liver
a carne de porco pork
a carne de veado venison
os miudos variety meat
as carnes frias cooked meat
a carne de vaca beef
o coelho rabbit
furnado smoked
biologico organic
a carne magra white meat
a carne de vitela veal
a lingua tongue
curado cured
a carne vermelha red meat


Spanish Language English Language
los alimentos Food
la carne Meat
el cordero lamb
el carnicero butcher
el gancho meat hook
el afilador knife sharpener
la bascula scales
el tocino bacon
las salchichas sausages
el higado liver
el cerdo pork
el venado venison
el fiambre cooked meat
la vaca beef
el conejo rabbit
ahumado smoked
organico organic
la carne blanca white meat
la ternera veal
la lengua tongue
curado cured
la carne magra lean meat
la carne roja red meat
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