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Italian E-commerce Website Translation

With more than 65 million native speakers, Italian is a widely spoken language with huge demand in the website translation industry. When translating a website we at Certified Translation Services believe that it is not just about translating verbatim in the native language of your audience, but more about connecting culturally with them. Localizing your website […]

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Website Translation

A business that sells its products and services in a global market but fails to communicate with the target audience in their own language will fall short when it comes to attracting new consumers. Businesses that are going global need to ensure that their audience can browse their websites and other resources in a language […]

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Software and Website Translation – Similarities and Differences

Translation is a general concept which applies to all the three fields of translation, websites, web applications and software applications. However from the point of view of translation studies there are few similarities and differences between these fields. For businesses that are looking to break into an international market, one of the best marketing and […]

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3 Tips for App Translation Services

Does translating your app make no sense to you? Well, it does. It is more than obvious that an app that reaches more consumers has the potential to generate higher revenue and ultimately more business. In order to make sure that it reaches more people you have to first make sure that it is available […]

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Translate Your Website

Many organizations are coming to recognize that their websites attracting people who speak multiple languages. If your company’s website is English-only, you could be losing business. It’s not prudent to rely on your website’s visitors to use third-party websites to make casual, machine-generated translations of your site’s text. You will have no control over whether […]

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