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History of Subtitling and the Art of delivering high quality perfect Subtitles

The first audio visual films reached an international audience in the year 1929. Since then there have been two dominant audio visual translation methodologies, dubbing and subtitling. While dubbing was mainly used in German, Italian, Spanish and German speaking countries in and outside Europe, Subtitling became a particularly preferred form of audio visual translation over […]

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What is Subtitling?

Subtitling can be understood as the translation of audio visual formats such as cinema, television, videos and computer games, in the form of short line by line written texts, which keeps appearing at the bottom of the audio visual screen, and changes as the screen dialogue or any other audio that requires translation changes. Below […]

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3 Subtitle Translation Tips for Businesses

Businesses that are planning to enter a market that speaks a different language should ensure that their marketing materials are properly translated in the native language of the target audience. Customers trust a brand easily if they are communicating with them in their language. Video translation is an important part of translating your marketing collaterals. […]

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6 Best-Practices for Subtitling Companies

You have created a promotional video for your business and now you want to make it accessible to a different audience in a different country. How will you ensure that this is intelligible to the audience if they are unfamiliar with the language used in the video? The answer is by using subtitles. Here are […]

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