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Spanish Translation of Commonly Used Medical Terms

Medical science is divided into numerous fields or specializations. A professional medical translator will not just have strong knowledge of languages, but of that specific medical field and the related terminologies as well. Spanish along with Portuguese, Catalan and Galician, belong to Iberian Romance family of languages. The common feature which all these languages share […]

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How to Choose a Professional Spanish Translation Service Provider

With businesses going global, the need for interaction with the target customers in their native language has become essential to develop a long-lasting relationship. If you have found an opportunity overseas; but English is not the first language in that country, you will be left with a stumbling block to launch your service/product in that […]

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Different Types of Official Translations

A professional translator can be certified, notarised or sworn. If you are using these terms interchangeably, then you are doing it wrong. The type of translation you require depends on the type of your document and the country for which you are translating. Here are the three types of official translations and the differences between […]

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What is a Certified Translation?

Why are more and more consumers who want a professional translation of their documents looking for a certified translator? The reasons can be many including authenticity of the translation and assurance of an efficient procedure. Who is this certified translator and what do they do? Here are some details on what makes a translator “certified”: […]

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3 Tips to Get your Spanish Translations Right

The biggest challenge that comes with Spanish translations is that the language is not the same for every Spanish speaking region. You will find huge regional differences and variations. Since the document you are translating can be a representation of your band it is important that you get every part of it correct. Here are […]

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