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Rely Only on a Top Notch Translation Agency for Legal Translation

Translation of legal documents like contracts, court documents, patents, certificates, letter of incorporation and others is quite different from translation of business documents and marketing materials. As legal documents involve the use of technical terms or legal jargon’s that need to be translated in other language hence it is more difficult and expensive than the […]

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3 Benefits of a Professional French Translator over Google Translate

Many of us rely on Google Translate for translating various documents, texts, etc. that are written in different languages. But, it is just like fast food and cannot be a substitute for professional translator. We often go with the convenience that finally offers disappointing results. If you merely need some general idea about what something […]

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How is a Translator Different from an Interpreter?

One of the biggest mistakes individuals make with language services is hiring a translator when what they actually need is an interpreter and vice versa. This happens due to the lack of understanding on what both the professionals are supposed to do and how they are different from one another. Here are three differences between […]

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4 Tips for an Effective Localisation

If you want to improve your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, you need to incorporate website localisation in your global marketing strategy. Although the process can be extremely complicated and daunting, it is worth all the time, effort and money. Here are four tips to ensure a successful website localisation procedure: Know your customers. Cultural […]

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3 Steps to Becoming a Professional Translator

Do you see yourself as a successful translator a few years from now? Why not start right away and prepare yourself for this line of work. Here are three steps that all aspiring translators should take to ensure successful career in the translation industry: Join a professional translation firm: If you are serious about making […]

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How to Choose the Right French Translator?

Translators who are not only native speakers of your target language but who are also subject matter specialists of your industry can be hard to find. When you are looking for someone to translate into French you will want them to be proficient in French and to be familiar with the dialects and culture of […]

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