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3 Main Challenges of Simultaneous Interpreting

Interpreting, both simultaneous and consecutive, has its own challenges. Analysing what the speaker just said and delivering it to the audience in their native language, while still listening to the next words of the speaker requires lot of attention and excellent sensory and cognitive skills. Here are three main challenges faced by interpreters: One of […]

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What your Interpreters Need for a Successful Conference Interpreting?

Interpretation is not just about verbal rendition of languages for meetings and conferences. It requires high level of preparation before you settle in the meeting room. To make things easier for your interpreter, give them access to the right documents relevant to your business and the upcoming meeting/conference. Here are few of those documents that […]

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3 Skills that All Simultaneous Interpreters should possess

The speed and urgency of simultaneous interpreting makes it both challenging and complicated. When you are listening and comprehending a speech and at the same time interpreting it in some other language, there are high chances of errors and gaffes. The secret to success lies in practice and that comes with time. Here are three […]

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2 Tips for a Successful Conference Interpreting

In international conferences, meetings and seminars conference interpreters are needed to ensure that there are no miscommunications and the event is a success. By taking some small steps right before the start of the event you can ensure that things are easier for the interpreters and the event runs smoothly. Here are two preparations that […]

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What are the Main Types of Interpretation?

Interpretation is not just about translating for multiple parties that communicate in different languages. Interpretation goes beyond that- it embraces culture, fast understanding, decision making, memory and concentration. Interpretation is of different types, each with its own specialties. Have a look at the three main types of interpretation and find out when and where they […]

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How is Conference Interpreting Different from Simultaneous Interpreting?

Interpreting service is the procedure in which communication is facilitated between speakers and audience of different languages. The job of an interpreter is to convey every feeling and thought behind a message delivered by the speaker to an audience into the target language. Broadly categorising, interpreting services fall under two heads: consecutive interpreting and simultaneous […]

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Different Types of Conference Interpreting Services

With an increase in global businesses the need for high quality translation and interpretation services are soaring. Superior interpretation services make it easier for businesses to communicate with an audience that speaks a different language in conferences, meetings and similar situations. Here are the two most important types of conference interpretation services that businesses look […]

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3 Tips for a Successful Multilingual Voiceover Project

Voiceover is the cornerstone of a plethora of realms right from advertising and promotional videos to TV shows and feature films. A good translation agency that is proficient in multilingual voiceovers tries to understand your target audience and your business objectives and helps you meet them with the right tools and resources. Here are a […]

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