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Software and Website Translation – Similarities and Differences

Translation is a general concept which applies to all the three fields of translation, websites, web applications and software applications. However from the point of view of translation studies there are few similarities and differences between these fields. For businesses that are looking to break into an international market, one of the best marketing and […]

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Applying for a UK Visa? List of Supportive Documents that are usually required and often translated

UK Visa - Document Translation

While applying for a UK visa you will usually have to attach many supportive documents related to your personal, finances or education. Please remember that there are different types of UK Visas and the purpose of your visit will determine the type of Visa you will require and accordingly the documents you will have to […]

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Why you really ought to add human powered captions to your YouTube Channel.

Properly implemented closed captions and subtitles are well-timed around the action, easy on the eye and delivered at a comfortable reading speed for the audience. They don’t detract from the viewer’s experience but help to make the on-screen messages more accessible to a wider audience. Subtitling is quicker and more cost effective than dubbing and voiceover, especially when translating […]

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Localisation for business

Localisation is a process that requires an appreciation of the value of linguistic and translation skills and the crucial role that use of language  plays in defining style, culture, local beliefs, values, heritage and the sense of humour of target audiences. Beyond the literal translation of words from one language to another, applying an appropriate style that conveys a message into […]

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3 Most Common Misconceptions about Translations

The world of translation can be very complicated, especially for those who manage all their translation projects in-house without the help of any professional translation service. The absence of the right skill and adequate experience ends up in translators adopting a blunderbuss approach. Here are 3 most important things that in-house translators should know about […]

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