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Why you really ought to add human powered captions to your YouTube Channel.

Properly implemented closed captions and subtitles are well-timed around the action, easy on the eye and delivered at a comfortable reading speed for the audience. They don’t detract from the viewer’s experience but help to make the on-screen messages more accessible to a wider audience. Subtitling is quicker and more cost effective than dubbing and voiceover, especially when translating […]

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Localisation for business

Localisation is a process that requires an appreciation of the value of linguistic and translation skills and the crucial role that use of language  plays in defining style, culture, local beliefs, values, heritage and the sense of humour of target audiences. Beyond the literal translation of words from one language to another, applying an appropriate style that conveys a message into […]

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Portuguese, Spanish and French domains in production

Our Portuguese/Brazilian, Spanish and French domains are currently being developed and will be published very soon. Don’t miss them!

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