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Italian Translation of Food and Related Sciences

Translation of food and related sciences need highly experienced translators who understand the food terminology and the food industry very well. As quality control, environment and ethical considerations play an important in production and distribution in the food and related industries, it is important to team up with only the best translators.

Non compliance in matters related to food, health and safety information will not just lead to severe penalties, but can have a severe detrimental impact on the global reputation of your brand as well.

Some interesting facts about the Italian language

Italian is a Romance language and belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. With more than 65 million native speakers, Italian is the third most widely spoken language in the European Union. It is the official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Slovenia and Croatia. It is also widely spoken in Albaia, Malta and Monaco. Italian language holds a very special place in music, as it is widely used in music terminology and opera.

The following list has Italian to English translation of many common words about food.

Italian Language English Language
il cibo Food
la carne Meat
l’agnello lamb
il macellaio butcher
il gancio meat hook
l’affilacoltelli knife sharpener
la bilancia scales
la pancetta bacon
le salsicce sausages
il fegato liver
il maiale pork
il cervo venison
la carne cotta cooked meat
il manzo beef
il coniglio rabbit
affumicato smoked
biologico organic
la carne bianca white meat
il vitello veal
la lingua tongue
trattato cured
la carne magra lean meat
la carne rossa red meat
Italian Language English Language
i tagli Cuts
il prosciutto ham
la cotenna rind
la fetta slice
la carne macinata ground meat
il filetto fillet
la bistecca di culaccio rump steak
il filetto di manzo sirloin steak
la costata rib
la costoletta chop
il grasso fat
l’osso bone
l’arrosto joint
il rognone kidney
il cuore heart
Italian Language English Language
il pollo Poultry
la pelle skin
il petto breast
la coscia thigh
il tacchino turkey
la zampa leg
la quaglia quail
il fagiano pheasant
il pollo preparato dressed chicken
l’ala wing
il pollo chicken
l’anatra duck
l’oca goose


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