8 Most Popular Styles of Voiceover

The voiceover industry is not limited to narrations and announcements. It is a very broad industry and caters to a plethora of niches. Each realm has its own style and creating voiceovers for one specialisation is entirely different from that of another. Here’s a list of the different niches that need high quality voiceover translations:

  1. Commercial: This includes voiceovers for television commercials. Although this takes a very small part of the industry it is one of the most paying realms.
  2. Announcement: Voiceovers are used for announcements in airports, stations, stadiums, malls and other public places.
  3. Animation: Voiceover artists are also needed for character/animation in children’s books, videos and videogames.
  4. Corporate: This includes training videos, marketing collaterals, human resource videos and trade shows.
  5. Education: Voiceover artists are needed for creation of training and academic videos for schools, colleges and universities.
  6. Films and biographies: Both biographies and movies may require voiceovers to explain what is going on in the film.
  7. Workout/Inspirational videos: A calm, peaceful and motivating voice is ideal for use in inspiration and exercise videos.
  8. Websites: Some websites also make use of voiceovers to explain their products and services to consumers and to guide them on using their website.

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