4 Tips for Translators who are New to the Industry

Translation is not easy. It includes several stages: analysing, translating and editing. If you have been in the translation industry for years now, you know how translation is more than simply converting words from one language to another. Here are four translation tips for translators who are new to the industry:

  1. Review the source documents before starting the translation procedure. Make use of the style guide, glossaries, guidelines and translation resources offered by the client for a better understanding on how the translation must be approached.
  2. Another thing to ensure before you start the translation is that you are comfortable with the style and subject matter of the document to be translated. Don’t take up projects in niches that you are not familiar with or lack proper expertise in. You will end up spending more time and resources if you promise deliveries of projects in which you do not have the right expertise.
  3. Can you offer the translation in the file format that the client wants? Translators working for a translation company get the source file in a translation-friendly format and with a translation memory to save time and improve efficiency.
  4. Use the CAT tool specified by the clients for better results. Have a look at the previously translated documents to make sure that the current project uses a consistent terminology and a style similar to the previous translations.

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