4 Tips for an Effective Localisation

If you want to improve your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, you need to incorporate website localisation in your global marketing strategy. Although the process can be extremely complicated and daunting, it is worth all the time, effort and money. Here are four tips to ensure a successful website localisation procedure:

  1. Know your customers. Cultural errors in translation can spoil brand image and adversely affect sales and profits. Therefore, you should have a clear understanding of the audience to make sure that you are delivering them the right content.
  2. Identify the right translation and localisation method: Do your own research and find out translating into which languages will offer the maximum benefits to your business. Also, keep a track of what your competitors are doing and what are the languages and regions they are targeting.
  3. Make sure you are following a centralised approach. Having everything organised right at one place will save you from all the fuss and also save your time, money and energy.
  4. Before choosing a translation company make sure you have done enough research on their reputation, service and tools and technology used by them. Doing this will give you an idea whether the translation company can meet your needs or not.

Certified Translation Services offers high quality translations in more than 100 global languages. The translation company specialises in document translation, desktop publishing, website localisation, subtitling, transcription, multilingual copywriting and voiceover services to name only a few. Certified Translation Services is one of the most reliable Portuguese, Spanish, German and French translators in London.

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