3 Challenges Faced by Transaltors

There is no purpose of language if it fails to communicate the idea it is supposed to communicate. A good translator should not only have enough knowledge about the source and target language but should also be familiar with the culture, lifestyle and beliefs of the people they are translating for. Have a look at the three challenges translators face and how they can be resolved:

  1. Lexical and semantic challenges are those that are faced with the words and vocabulary of a particular language. This includes terminology alternatives, contextual synonyms and antonyms etc. These issues can be resolved by consulting glossaries, dictionaries and terminology resources of the target language.
  2. Cultural challenges in translation are a result of differences in cultural references. This includes differences in names of food, places, festivals, clothing etc. This can be resolved only with the use of localisation and transcreation to adapt the text to the targeted culture.
  3. Another problem faced by translators is that of translating idioms, proverbs, humour, puns and figures of speech. This happens mostly in the case of translating marketing materials like websites, brochures, taglines, advertisements etc.

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