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Top 3 Tips for Medical Translation Services

Translating a medical document can be challenging with all the abbreviations, terms and terminologies, reference to medical processes, techniques and tools. Right from medical reports, journals and clinical protocols to medical packaging and labelling, medical translations can be clinical, regulatory and technical and include a wide range of documents. There are certain rules of thumb […]

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How to Choose a Company to Translate your Legal Documents?

Legal documents are one of the many documents that call for precision, consistency and accuracy in translations. Legal terms and terminologies, phraseology and legal procedures are something that not all translators are familiar with. Therefore how do you ensure that you are choosing the right person to translate your important legal documents? Here are three […]

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Translation Tips for Marketing Professionals

Translating a marketing copy is not just about translating the content in the source document but also about transferring the style and tone of the original document while keeping the essence of the document intact. In other words, the message that the document delivers should not get lost in translation and at the same time […]

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